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How Website Speed is Hurting Your Business

The importance of a second is lost to you until you lose something vital over it.

Individuals, companies and, most importantly, search engines understand that website speed is crucial. There are lots of choices and service providers know it. That’s why they are always on their toes to stay on top of the situation.

The internet is a treasure trove of information. It is amazing what can be found there; there is so much it has to offer. Millions of data get added every day to different websites, and it is all just a click away from you. There is no better place to conduct a research than the internet.

For a particular topic, you could have more than 5000 websites catering to it.

How do you choose which to use? Well, Google decides for you. Sort of…

Page Speed Boosts Rankings

Apart from the unique information each has to offer, the time each takes to load is important. With such high competition, every site wants to remain at the top. This is because they know that people would have little patience to wait for a slow page. They would go over to the next option and that is feeding the competition.

The speed at which a page loads keeps it on top, and it gets a lot of recommendation.

Schools, businesses, workplaces, and homes depend on website speed.

Due to this versatility, every website has to work on being able to load on any smart device, and not just on computers. Individuals should be able to access information online while on the move or in a split second. Statistics from show that as little as 4 seconds could cost you as much as 75% of your users.

How That’s Hurting Your Bottom Line

Research reveals that about 74% of users leave a website that takes too long to load on their phones. Even with the shopping addiction in the USA, about 50% of online shoppers would leave a purchase if the website is too slow. An estimated $18 billion is lost yearly due to abandoned online purchases.

That is a lot of money to lose over poor website speed. Fortunately, this is something that can be addressed easily.

The compelling infographic below will show you, in pictures, the essential nature of website speed. Please post any comments in the section below.

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