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Website Maintenance Services in Toronto

So your website is finally online and generating leads for you. But your website is dynamic, and needs to adapt to your business. You may need to revise text, add or change images, or change the layout entirely. Or maybe your site isn’t functioning because the theme or plugins aren’t up to date, compatibility issues, or malware. 

We regularly monitor the websites we have developed for broken links, malware, outages, security updates and many other things that can compromise a website, its data and security.

Our Comprehensive plan also comes with content edits included! So if you need a new landing page, need to revise the layout of your site or change anything, you’re covered.

We offer THREE plans with transparent pricing that are very popular…

Maintenance Only

$30 month
  • Security Monitoring
  • Update Core and Plugins
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Database Optimization and Maintenance
  • Weekly Backups

Content Edits Only

$65 HOUR
  • 1-Hour minimum charge

..wait, why do I need this??

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